Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dresses and Gowns Oh My!!

I know I know its been a while...but all of us at Prom Dress Shop have been making sure that we can get all of the fabulous new dresses up for you all to see! And let me tell you that these dresses are awesome and believe it or not we are adding more every day! We have been getting all of the prom dresses up for the 2011 proms since I know a lot of you will be looking soon for them! And with having lots of experience shopping online and shopping for prom dresses, I say that looking now is the best time. I always wanted to get mine early so that I had plenty of time to get all of the other fun stuff that goes with the dress like the shoes and purse and earrings! :) So I did have someone ask about how to get through all of the dresses on the web site and believe it or not they have this awesome feature that you can chose what you would like about your dress and it will narrow the search to those for you! You can say what color that you are looking for style or price! And the best part is that it still brings up SO MANY different options, not just one or two. I guess when you have that many dresses available you have so many of every different option! Here is one of my new favorites!!

What an awesome shade of Purple!!

More to come as soon as I can narrow it down to some of my favorites!!

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