Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blushing Beauty!!

Whether you are looking for a prom dress, Winter Formal, Pageant Dress, or New Years Dress you can find everything that you are looking for at Prom Dress Shop!! Another great designer that is up and available online is Blush! They have some great new styles up for Prom that are fresh, dramatic, and HOT!
Here are some of the new ones!

Such a great shade of purple! Purple is such a great color this year!!!

A new take on a gorgeous style that was very popular last year. The new color option is so vibrant!

Another new look to a classic dress! The dress is so unique and different!

They even have it in a short version this year! With a little mix of color and you are all set!

They even have some great styles that are going forward from last year! These are great!!

This was such a hit style last year that they decided to keep the style and add a bunch new hot colors that it comes in!!

Classic dress that has the ruffles all down the length of the dress to show a statement! 

A little more mature version of the same style! Has a great look that would be great for so many different occasions!!!

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