Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Want to Be Miss America!!

Not only do we have great prom dresses and homecoming dresses up, but we have also put up some outstanding Pageant Dresses for all of you lovely ladies involved in the pageant world! These are stunning dresses that will look fabulous on stage with all of the lights and action!

These new dresses are made by Landa, who has been a top pageant designer for many years!

With the unique shoulder and flowing skirt this is a great addition to the stage!

Vibrant color! Make a statement!

I love pink! And this is such a great use of the color! And look how it hugs those curves!

With the detailing around the bodice this gown is sure to impress!!

Check back for more soon!! Lots of great styles going up daily!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lights Camera Action ALLURE!!!

So another great designer has gone up as well and that is Allure By Night Moves. A collection of dresses that are great for such a vast amount of girls! It is so hard trying to find my favorites but here are a few that I fell in love with!!

They are both stunning in this new gown! Pair this with some large and fun earrings to complete the look! 

With the vibrant colors and great open back this dress is sure to impress!!

And it gets even better when you see the front of the dress! The illusion of the long gorgeous gown in the back and the sexy short in the front is a great combination!

These designers are going up so quickly so check back soon for some more great dresses!!

Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer!!!

We have some fabulous dresses going up all of the time and one of the most recent designers that is up and ready to browse and fall in love with is the Shimmer 2011 Collection!!! These awesome dresses by Bari Jay are sure to impress! Bari Jay has been around for over 30 years and every year they out-do themselves with their fashion forwards!

Shimmer by Bari Jay has excellant prices and they are made with such amazing quality, you would have thought you had paid much more for these dresses! A few that I have picked out as my personal favs are shown below but there are so much more that you should check out!

Not only would this one be perfect for a Winter Ball, but I could see someone getting married on the beach in this gorgeous gown!!

Has cut outs on the side to make the dress have that sexy vibe, but also lays perfect to be classy and sophisticated!!

This color is screaming unique! With the open back and all of the intricate beadwork in the front, it is a great way to go!

Perfect winter formal or winter wedding guest dress, as this color goes great with the season!!

Check all of these out and more at Prom Dress Shop! There are so many different occasions for all of these dresses such as Winter Formal, Quinceanera, New Years, Pageant, Bat Mitzvah, and many more!

More soon!!! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is It 2011 yet?!?!

These dresses for the 2011 prom season just keep getting better and better! Those web techs are working hard to get these dresses up as quickly as possible! Some that are up are 2011 Cire' Dresses2011 Jasz Couture, and 2011 Night Moves! These dresses just keep getting better and better! One of my favorites is...

How great is this?!? Has that classy but still sexy feeling to it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dresses and Gowns Oh My!!

I know I know its been a while...but all of us at Prom Dress Shop have been making sure that we can get all of the fabulous new dresses up for you all to see! And let me tell you that these dresses are awesome and believe it or not we are adding more every day! We have been getting all of the prom dresses up for the 2011 proms since I know a lot of you will be looking soon for them! And with having lots of experience shopping online and shopping for prom dresses, I say that looking now is the best time. I always wanted to get mine early so that I had plenty of time to get all of the other fun stuff that goes with the dress like the shoes and purse and earrings! :) So I did have someone ask about how to get through all of the dresses on the web site and believe it or not they have this awesome feature that you can chose what you would like about your dress and it will narrow the search to those for you! You can say what color that you are looking for style or price! And the best part is that it still brings up SO MANY different options, not just one or two. I guess when you have that many dresses available you have so many of every different option! Here is one of my new favorites!!

What an awesome shade of Purple!!

More to come as soon as I can narrow it down to some of my favorites!!